Feeding the Hungry in our Neighborhood

The “Make it Yourself” Brown Bag Meal Program: 
For Low Income Seniors & Families at Fireside Apartments

Yes….a long name, but here’s the story:

In October 2011, Micha Berman, Program Director at Fireside, informed Peace that every month, many seniors run-out of money to purchase food. The Fireside Apartments, a state-of-the-art complex serving 32 low income seniors and 18 families, is located literally “around-the-corner” from Peace Lutheran.

Peace implemented the “Make it Yourself” Brown Bag Meal Program in January 2012. A brown grocery bag is filled with all the items necessary to make a completely balanced and nutritious meal, with enough for leftovers for 2-3 days. These “Brown Bags” were delivered the second-Tuesday-of-every-month to 15 seniors.

Today, Peace prepares 49 bags of food for seniors and families. As one recipient states: ”It’s wonderful to look forward to, and I am so very grateful”.

If you would like to be involved with this program, or donate towards the purchase of food, please contact Sharon Sides at volunteer@plcmarin.org

For detailed information regarding Fireside, contact Micha Berman at mberman@hbofm.org